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Fun Fun Fun ~ by Pharrell

Excuse Me ~ by Jazmine Sullivan

Cant Make You Love Me ~ by Tank.

All The Boys ~ by Keri Hilson

Hate That You Love Me~ by Diddy Dirty Money

Ass On The Floor- by Diddy Dirty Money

Fall For Your Type~ by Jamie Foxx ft Drake

Sure Thing~ by Miguel

A Song For You ~ by Donny Hathaway

Beyond Quotable...

You see with your eyes but I look through souls. You hear noise but I hear melodies call. You may comprehend but I put myself in the shoe & ride. You live on planet earth while I gaze at the stars from the moon & fly.~ Kisa Zoea


LOS ANGELES — Pop star Rihanna was reported on Friday to have reunited with her R&B singer boyfriend Chris Brown, less than three weeks after he was alleged to have assaulted her.

People magazine said Barbados-born Rihanna -- who had hits with "Umbrella" and "Disturbia" -- and Brown were spending time together at one of the homes of hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs.

"They're together again. They care for each other," People quoted an unidentified source as saying.

"While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves," the source said in a report on People's website.

A representative of Chris Brown had no comment on the People report. Rihanna's publicist could not immediately be reached.

Brown, 19, a rising young star with a huge teen fan base, was arrested on February 8 on suspicion of making criminal threats against a woman after a late-night altercation in a car.

Los Angeles prosecutors have not yet decided whether to file formal charges against Brown, who performed chart-toppers "Run It!" and "Forever."

A picture of a bruised Rihanna with swollen lips was leaked on the Internet last week, apparently from Los Angeles police files, and added credence to widespread reports that the woman involved was her.

The assault on the eve of the Grammy Awards caused both stars to cancel their scheduled appearances. It sent shockwaves through the music industry and stunned fans of the couple, who had been dating for about a year.

Rihanna returned to her family in Barbados and Brown issued a statement on February 15 saying he was "sorry and saddened" about the incident and was seeking counseling.

People magazine reported earlier this week that Brown telephoned Rihanna on her 21st birthday a week ago.

"He called to wish her happy birthday," a source told the magazine. "They've reached out to each other. It's been mutual.


Obviously, they both have issues. I don't get it...I just don't get it.

Good Luck to both of them, this time around.

Forever and Always Love,

Kisa Zoea


Whitney.Whitney.Whitney.: So I'm just catching up to my fav shows thanks to my TIVO, and I have to say I KNEW IT! From the looks of next weeks episode, Jay is going to F up. She could do so much better anyway. Just wish she would listen to her gut (as she seems to be questioning his faithfulness every week) and do away with Jay. Don't be like L.C., getting made a fool of right and left. SMH. Let him go and don't look back.

And let's not get started with The Hills. I seen the new season trailer to that the other day and i swear L.C. is just a magnet for drama. And why does she look like she's 30 something, crows feet and all....and poor Heidi...poor,poor Heidi. She just does not get it. (see trailer below)

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


So my prayers have been answered! Well...almost.
I was over at MISS.SWAG blog today and witnessed this greatness:

Kayne West has done away with the Vanilla Ice.Mullet.MoHawk.Thingy.
Now replaced with a low cut and oh who could forget the lil' puffball/tail in the making Bobby-V style...(UGH...don't really get the point of the puff/tail)
but whatever!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


.Gotta LoVe Her.
.Hopefully she'll shine with the new album, this time around.
Christina Milian King Magazine photoshoot

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Haven't written anything...(for my novel: RUSH) in the past 2 weeks. But today...oh...today I managed to add 35 hand-cramping pages on to my novel manuscript via my Lenovo!
But here's the kicker: I didn't go back and re-rea
d every paragraph/page before moving on to the next---like I usually do in a very OCDish manner.lol. I just keep it flowing non-stop!

What's The Muse.?. I have no clue. Wish I did! It's bright and the sky is full of light (well was...the sun is just going down). Weird, because I usually only write around 3a.m.ish hours. But today, NOPE!
Is my creative "writing at night" cycle broken.?. Who knows...but I am looking forward to more daytime writing. I absolutely love what I created today!
Although, I am known to go back and change things 50,000 t
imes only to go right back to the original idea...
but for now I am a happy little author in the

*note* I did change my Writer's PlayList this morning...so maybe that could be it....hmm!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


.GoTtA LoVe HeR.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea



So Far Gone was such an anticipated mixtape. What was the creative experience like?

It was just cleansing. That’s been the key to me making music lately. It has to feel good. For every record I do, it takes something to truly spark that. On the album I plan to give people my all. I want it to be something enjoyable, I don’t know if I want it to be so personal. Which is another reason why I made So Far Gone, to just get that out of my system. Some people are like, “Why’d you do that for free?” If I released that as a retail album, I would’ve probably been criticized and scrutinized. It wouldn’t have gone over as well as the way I did it. Which is, “Go and download this for free because I truly want to give this to you. Before we embark on this journey together, this is something that you need to know.”

*Click pic for entire interview*

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


New Omarion ft. Lil Wayne. I love it!


Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea



Hustler Watch: Drake from Eighty81 on Vimeo.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Gotta LOVE Him.


Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Ah. The highlight of my day so far! Soooooooooo Funny!

Bonus1: Drake on Us and Them Pilot

Bonus2: Drake on Us and Them Pilot (Bloopers)

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


!!!In theaters April 3rd. Cant wait to see it!!!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Even in joking moments....his (Que.of Day26) voice is still dope. Check him out in his freestyle.....vocals and ABC'z.

Bonus: Breakfast Skit.Hell Fu*kin Yeah.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


He swaggin that ciggy a little to well for me.SMH.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Shout Out to Aries Venus Starr for putting me on to this vid.
Super Funny.
Will.....Such a handsome soul.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


You hear that...
They're shouting,"Buy me Kisa, Buy Me".
These should make recording...that much more fun!
I'm all over it!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea



I don't even know what to say.
LittleBritainUSA Told me 2 Say "ComputerSaysNo".Foolishness.

Now I Shall Direct You To PRICELESSNESS.



Click the pic.Download Link @ Sidebar. Read the Blog. Bookmark Greatness.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


TimesSquare. Gotta Share. I had the weirdest dream last night (well this morning since i didn't get to bed til a little after 4AM...Latenight Owl Baby.) Okay so, I was in Times Square trying to get a taxi. As soon as the taxi approached i noticed there were....

StreetAds....Ads running on the street. LOL. Live TV Ads running on the street. No regular black street but Ads...Then an alarm sounded. Everybody froze. A voice came from above, on top of a building via loudspeaker or whatever and said, " On behalf of New York City we would like to congratulate Kisa Zoea on over 5.5 Million ablums sold in the first week". That's when i realized the ads at the top of the street,near the street light, were ads of me. My album release promos running on the streets of NYC.Then everybody started clapping. One girl in the crowd spotted me. Yelled out my name, pointing in my direction. People started screaming and running towards me. I jumped in the taxi. And...

axi....The taxi flew. Up,Up and Away. Above NYC. Dropped me off at a high rise loft building.Level 106. The door was not on the street but on the 106th floor. Mid air. Then the driver said, " Are you okay Ms. Zoea? Your home!". Confused, i went in my purse. Pulled out a 100 dollar bill. But it was tri color-blue,pink and green. There was only one number on the bill instead of four. One big 100 in like 64 font size. I gave it to the driver said thanks made my way out of the cab walked thru the door of Level 106...

Moon...And i was on the Moon.I lived on the Moon.

Talk about weirdness. I have no clue what it is with me and the Moon.
I LOVE IT. But kinda creeps me out too.
(BTW Level 106 is in respect to my b-day i believe. 106, 10/6, October 6th.Weird.)

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Say.What.What.Aha. Oh no they didn't just play Will Smith. Yeah.I'm on my YouTube kick.
---------------------------Just Press Play-------------------------------

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Troop.Nick.PressPlay. Whoa she on a roll. Troop. Is the Ish. I actually spent time in the studio with Steven Russell (lead singer) a couple times in LA while doing some stuff with 3LW. Cool Dude. Dope Writer.

Jodeci: Come and Talk 2 Me...
Go On.

Then top it all off wit some of the best cartoons and shows in the 90's via Nick.
Super Crazy.

They need to bring some of those shows back.Those were the days.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


BurnTamRockBurn.Word. I had to take you back, just for a minute.MC Brains.WHAT. 80's and 90's babies don't even act like you don't know this.

Can't believe i still know ALL the lyrics...
Note: Videos have come a long way....

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


This video KillsMe every time. One of my fav LOL youtube vids.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Sometime this month...working on new blog template. Madd hard. I'm pretty certain I am allergic to html.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea



I am officially SO FAR GONE...lost in the music.
If you have yet to download Drake's new mixtape "So Far Gone"...

Click pic Feb13th entry has download link
I have been playing it non stop...
The whole mixtape is CRAZY.
Crazy thing is...it's a mixtape.
Drake putting label albums to shame.
No Fillers.

Every Song=Dopeness.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Great actor. See him on the show Degrassi on Noggin. Super Dope Artist as well.

Mixtape.SoFarGone. As I stated above Drake is also a Super Dope Artist. I hate to say rapper cause he is so versatile. Especially on his new mixtape "So Far Gone" which features Trey Songz, Peter Bjorn & John, Lil Wayne, Lloyd, Omarion, Bun B. and Lykke Li.

Check out his myspace page at .THISisDRAKE. or his blog at .OCTOBERSVERYOWN. or If you stroll down to his Feb.13th,2009 entry he has a link to the free download of his mixtape! Do yourself a favor and put good music back in your ears. Enough said.

Note: Drake's So Far Gone Mixtape Art Work Is AMAZING!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


You know I have to say I find it so incredibly crazy that now all of a sudden every picture put in an article with Chris Brown since the incident is of him looking either sad or mean...no smiles what so ever. Before you hardly found a photo with him not smiling...but now the non-smiling photos are everywhere.

Chris finally released a statement.

The following statement was issued Sunday by a spokesman on behalf of Chris Brown:

"Words cannot begin to express how sorry and sadde ned I am over what transpired. I am seeking the counseling of my pastor, my mother and other loved ones and I am committed, with God's help, to emerging a better person.

"Much of what has been speculated or reported on blogs and/or reported in the media is wrong.

"While I would like to be able to talk about this more, until the legal issues are resolved, this is all I can say except that I have not written any messages or made any posts to Facebook, on blogs or any place else. "Those posts or writings under my name are frauds," the statement concludes.

I not going to speak to much on that...So with that said, I am a fan of both Chris and Rihanna and i wish them both well!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Teyana. Miss Teyana Taylor has a new official blog. Check her out in my followers list or head to http://www.lifewithteyana.blogspot.com If you dont know who Teyana Taylor is Google her! Super Dope Chick...very inspirational to young people...rockin that it's cool to be different swag! Be sure to bookmark her blog, add her to your list!

Host. Okay so I've been slacking on reading The Host. It's a good book. But it's not grabbing me and making me not want to put it down like the Tw
ilight Saga did...BTW Spielberg has a nerve calling out Stephenie Meyer stating she's not a good writer. He said her writing sucks, basically. Comparing her to J.K. Rowling the Harry Potter writer. First of all why must people constantly compare everything. They're two different people with two different writing styles. And from the numbers it seems to me that people love the Twilight Saga just as much as they love the Harry Potter books. Spielberg's comments sounds a little bitter to me...or maybe he just wanted his name out there in the mist of the Twilight hype.

BTW Spielberg's new show on Showtime United States of Tara rocks! Major kudos on the that show!!! Comes on Sunday nights at 10pm i believe...or watch it On Demand!

CosmoGirl. Is officially out of print! No longer exist! Wow...recession is a killer huh...loved that magazine. Here's one of the official statements:

Hearst Closes Print Edition of CosmoGirl

Hearst is shutting down the print edition of CosmoGirl. AdAge reportsCosmoGirl that after the December issue of subscribers will receive Seventeen instead. The cosmogirl.com website will continue. AdAgeCosmoGirl also reports that ad pages at have been on the decline.
CosmoGirl, the Cosmo spinoff introduced in 1999, follows Time Inc.'s Teen People and Hachette's ElleGirl out of print. Ad pages in the first three quarters came in 14.4% lower than in the same period last year, according to Media Industry Newsletter. Circulation slipped 1.4% in the first half but sank 18% on newsstands, where advertisers often look for signs of a magazine's vitality, according to reports filed with the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

"This was a very difficult decision, and I want to extend my personal appreciation to Editor in Chief Susan Schulz, who joined CosmoGirl shortly after its launch, nearly a decade ago, and has been its editor for the past five years," said Cathie Black, president of Hearst Magazines, in an internal e-mail this morning. "She is a highly talented editor and will continue to work with us on a special-projects basis."

The New York Times blames CosmoGirl's demise on "competition from the Web and celebrity weeklies."

R.I.P. CosmoGirl.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


DK. The whole situation is so sad. Aubrey was my fav....but i have to say in my personal opinion she was in the wrong (sometimes you just need to shut up...pick your battles with care). And the whole Playboy thing she on now is: no comment SMH. Dawn ROCKS. Her voice and writing skills are amazing. I feel bad for her...seems like she has alot on her shoulders. I think she'll do great with or without DK. And why Shannon M.I.A.?

Day26. Love Day26 album. Co-star is my fav song. Why was that not a single??? On all most every episode to date including tonight they seem so touchy/sensitive.ie: Q. Geesh. They argue over the stupidest things. Have they not learned anything from DK. On a non-irritating note-Rob spoke some serious truth in the end of the show...makes you think "Making the Band Curse" hmm. BTW Will is a total hottie.Enough said.

Donnie. His album is FAB. I am surprised the sales weren't so good. I love that album. His dream may in jeopardy as Diddy stated but hopefully he'll hang in there and not get discouraged. Bring it Donnie. You got it in you!...FYI of you dont have his album go get it's FIRE!

Diddy. Makinghisband.hmm.okay.auto tune...why?When is that gonna be over. Auto tune needs to be over with really.Geesh

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Tonight at 9PM.
Can't wait to see.
Will blog about episode...after it ends.

Til Then...

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Dedication. My personality type exceeds in dedication to my work and to others. If you need me, yeah i may fuss a bit, but still i'm always there whenever needed.

Freedom. Is what i seek. The ability to put others aside and focus on my self. Hard to do though. But in order to get my dreams up and out i have to learn to put others aside. Hard to do though.

Being. Giving, yes it's a great thing. Be there for people when they need you, yes it's a great thing too. But losing yourself in the process is not okay. Putting yourself on the back burner is not okay.

Selfish. Sometimes you gotta be selfish and let others learn how to get on with out you. Most of the time that is the best gift to them within itself, learning and doing on their own.

Lesson of the day: It's okay to be selfish every now and then...

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea

Chris Brown.Rihanna.

Chris Brown.Rihanna.

What really happened? We don't know...only Chris and Rihanna do...
So with that I say quit it with the rumors.
When they release an Official Statement then you are entitled to your opinion based upon the TRUTH.
! I hope the Universe sends them both plenty of
white light !

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Meyer. Stephenie Meyer, the author behind the Twilight Saga is completely amazing. She is currently my favorite writer! What she did with the Twilight Saga is absolutely amazing! If you have yet to read any of the four books....SHAME ON YOU...You are missing out if your have not let the amazing characters Edward,Bella and Jacob completely take over your life if only for a day. Which let me tell you is what your going to do...cause it's near impossible to put the book down once you open to the first page. Take a day and/or weekend, whatever, and read Twilight. Then move on to the rest of the saga: New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Your mind 'll love you for it!!!!

Vampires or Werewolves
Which TEAM are you on?

Host. The Host, Stephenie Meyer's first "adult novel" i just finally purchased yesterday! WooHoo! & Wow she has done it again! The Host is not about vampires like her other books but instead welcomes you to earth invaded by an unseen enemy...I have yet to finish the book but so far it's phenomenal. Here's a video of Stephenie Meyer talking about The Host:

Novel. Genius.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Get It At Your Local Bookstore.

Forever and Always Love,

Kisa Zoea