Who Is Kisa Zoea

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Current FAV Song(s)....

Fun Fun Fun ~ by Pharrell

Excuse Me ~ by Jazmine Sullivan

Cant Make You Love Me ~ by Tank.

All The Boys ~ by Keri Hilson

Hate That You Love Me~ by Diddy Dirty Money

Ass On The Floor- by Diddy Dirty Money

Fall For Your Type~ by Jamie Foxx ft Drake

Sure Thing~ by Miguel

A Song For You ~ by Donny Hathaway

Beyond Quotable...

You see with your eyes but I look through souls. You hear noise but I hear melodies call. You may comprehend but I put myself in the shoe & ride. You live on planet earth while I gaze at the stars from the moon & fly.~ Kisa Zoea

Behind The Scenes of NOTHING....N.E.R.D. Style!

There are some people in the world (very few tho) that i could just sit and listen to all day long and Pharrell is one of those few people. I love the way his mind works so creative, quirky and intelligent all the while being just super duper down to earth (seemingly). If i could spend 24 hrs with anyone it'd so be Pharrell. Not for any super "omg girly" reasons either lol...Conversation just pure conversation, brain picking and of course a jam session or 5! Yessir!

Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea

N.E.R.D. Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK now see this is how ya DO IT!
I get it N.E.R.D. you wanna make videos about awareness! 
Im down for that! 
Buuut just dont forget to flash Pharrell in there a few times K??? 
Why ? Cause Me Likey ; )
Brain Candy & Eye Candy, Yessir...!

Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea

N.E.R.D. Life As A Fish

Ummmmm I Get IT! 
Buuuuuuttt this video is a lil too literal for me..
Where Is Pharrell??? Huh WHERE?

Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea

Kim K. Does Glamour

The lady is just simply beautiful...LOVE Kim K. Cant wait for the new show coming this winter!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea

Do You Have A Sure Thing????

Love Love Love Miguel!!!!
Love Love Love this song...
im just saying tho can i get a "Sure Thing" geesh! 

Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea

Mr. Chris Brown Is Tooo Dougie Fresh For Me Owwww!

CB vs. John Wall ummmm
Mr. Chris Brown can teach me how to dougie ANYDAY...!

Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea


<3 <3 <3 Marsha!!!!!!!
FAR AWAY off of her upcoming album Late Nights and Early Mornings!!!!

Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea


click pic to download mixtape

Que from Day26 solo mixtape is F-N amazin! I LOOOOVVVVVEEEE his voice. So just....niccccceee and soothing. Def appreciate this mixtape release cant wait for his debut solo album! #GUITARHER 

Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea



Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea


Hope everyone had a GREAT and FAB NYE! i sure did...spent time with La Familia again this year and a few new friends...! Was madd cool...we def had a good time the entire weekend! Shout out to all the skaters @ MSW for letting a newbie get it in on your rink! Happy i didnt bust my a*** , havent been on the rollers in YEARS! LOL  Was cool tho considering : ) GO ME! 

Thy shall not even get into having a "nye resolution" this year. Feel like doing so just sets me up for failure smh...so gonna just DO ME and hope for the best! Yuuuup! Should be interesting to say the least cause 2010 sure was, for me. Alot changes in 2010 i sure look forward to switching up on in 2011 and thats all i gotta say about that...SWITCH (in my house party voice)! haha

Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea


Haven't been on my blog in ages...lol. Keep wanting to update but never find the time too :(  so i wont say im gonna try and get it together im gonne JUST DO IT! starting NOW! Let's go!!!!!!!!!

Forever and Always Love, Kisa Zoea