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Fun Fun Fun ~ by Pharrell

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Cant Make You Love Me ~ by Tank.

All The Boys ~ by Keri Hilson

Hate That You Love Me~ by Diddy Dirty Money

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Fall For Your Type~ by Jamie Foxx ft Drake

Sure Thing~ by Miguel

A Song For You ~ by Donny Hathaway

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You see with your eyes but I look through souls. You hear noise but I hear melodies call. You may comprehend but I put myself in the shoe & ride. You live on planet earth while I gaze at the stars from the moon & fly.~ Kisa Zoea

I Know I'm Supposed To Be On A Blog Vaca...But Ummm TREY SONGZ!!!!

Tooooooo Gorgeous For Words!

Forever and Always Love,
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Forever and Always Love,
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R.I.P. Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze, the ruggedly handsome actor and classically trained dancer who shot to stardom in two hit romantic films, "Dirty Dancing" and "Ghost," has died. He was 57. Swayze was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer early in 2008 and went on to film a final television series, the police drama "The Beast," while undergoing chemotherapy. A publicist for Swayze confirmed the death of the actor, the Associated Press reported today.

Swayze lived on a ranch outside Los Angeles with his wife, Lisa Niemi, a professional dancer. Known almost as much for his many flops as his hits, Swayze in recent years expended as much effort on stage musicals as on movies. His ascent to stardom, though, was born of those two blockbuster movies."Dirty Dancing" (1987) and "Ghost" (1990) both made the American Film Institute's 2007 list of the 100 greatest love stories in U.S. movie history -- "Ghost" in 19th place, "Dirty Dancing" in 93rd....

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She's BACK!!!

My Blog FEED is finally back and running!!!
Have no clue how long it was down...
HAPPY that its BACK! 

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Blog Not Showing Up Via Feed

So apparently my blog feed is not coming thru my followers dashboard...so all of my followers are not even getting info when new post are put up....so until it's fixed i will not be posting anymore blog post. Hopefully it's fixed soon!!! 

TO MY FOLLOWERS: If somehow you happen to notice this post via your dashboards "blogs im following" please let me know! Thanks : )

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The Essence of Songz 00711

Trey Songz is ready to share secrets. For a moment the southern gent, whose silky vocals and mischievous schoolboy smile causes impressionable young ladies to lose their morals, is replaced with a discerning young man who's game for almost anything as he celebrates today's release of his introspective effort, "Ready." Trey gives ESSENCE.com a glimpse into his heart, body mind and soul as he reveals what he's ill-prepared for, how he forgave his father, and what he digs about President Obama.

ESSENCE.COM: Judging from your album's title, we know that you're musically "Ready," but is there anything that you're not quite prepared to tackle?
 (Laughs.) Not ready for a relationship, children or a family, but when I am I will handle it with the utmost respect. At this point I'm just too busy to settle down, but as pretty as the music game seems it makes you vulnerable and lonely. However, the upside is how many people I've touched through my music and the way I've been able to provide for my family, so I'm willing to make those sacrifices.

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Kisa Zoea

BallerStatus Interviews Trey Songz The Hottest R&B Artist In The Game

BallerStatus.com: Now I got to ask you before we go, is there a possibility of you making a remix to the track "LOL", and naming it "LMAO"?

Trey Songz: (laughs) That's a dope idea actually. I never really thought of that. I shouldn't have actually told you I haven't thought that, and I should have said "Yeah (laughs)." That was a dope idea. If not's actually a part of the lyricism, it would be the actual remix. I think there's going to be a remix for that song, because a lot of people dig it. A lot of people dig it. A lot of people have hit me up actually about it. That song is blowing up real fast man.

BallerStatus.com: Any ideas of who you would want on the remix?

Trey Songz: Well, I actually spoke to Nikki Minaj, because we spoke about doing a record. I told her that I wanted it to be something sexy, something kind of dark and moody maybe. She wanted to do more of a commercial record, a cuter sex record. "LOL" was actually already done, but when she heard it, she hit me up, and said "I love that song. You're a punk for not putting me on it." She'll definitely be on the remix.

BallerStatus.com: Man to man, would you hit?

Trey Songz: Yeah I think damn right. (laughs)

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea

When Life Just Blows.....take FUKITOL!!!!

: )
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Kisa Zoea

Maia Campbell Is In Serious Need of An Intervention..STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS!

This is so sad : ( Supposedly Actress Maia Campbell (from the TV series In The House with LL Cool J and daughter of the author BeBe Moore Campbell) is strung out on Meth...those drugs I tell you man...such and talented and beautiful woman at such a low in her life. I understand Maia also suffers from a mental health condition as well and obviously mixing that with hard drugs like Meth is no good for her. It's just sooooo sad...Such a talent and beauty smh so much she could be doing right now! I could so see her as a character on 90210, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl or something hott....movies! WOW! It's so crazy how you can be touching the sky one minute and fall into the earth deep beneath the ground the next minute...I wish her well...hopefully she'll get herself together!!!! Hopefully one of her "friends" in the celeb world 'll see this video floating around the net and help her...geesh so sad. SAY NO TO DRUGS...

( info below via mahalo.com)
Maia Campbell
Actress Maia Campbell is best known as Tiffany from the sitcom In The House, which also starred LL Cool J.

On March 3, 2009, a story accompanied by photographs appeared in the gossip blog Bashhh, alleging that the troubled actress was using methamphetamine and sleeping on Venice Beach.
Fast Facts
1. Born November 26, 1976 in Takoma Park, Maryland
2. Her mother was best-selling author [http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bebe_Moore_Campbell Bebe Moore Campbell]
3. In November of 2007, rumors began circulating that Campbell had been committed to a mental hospital for bipolar disorder, but these rumors are presently unconfirmed
4. Rumors of her drug use were circulated in March 2009
Troubled Maia Campbell
Rumors about Campbell's drug problems and erratic behavior in Hollywood began to surface shortly after In The House was canceled, in 1997. Suggestions that her problems stem from a mental illness apparently derive from the best-selling novel 72 Hour Hold.

Campbell's mother was Bebe Moore Campbell, a best-selling novelist who died of brain cancer on November 27, 2006. Many of her books contained a common theme of mental illness, and 72 Hour Hold is about a mother coping with her daughter's bipolar disorder. Before her death, Moore Campbell said that the story was based on the struggles of a family member.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea