Who Is Kisa Zoea

...The beginning after the end...

Current FAV Song(s)....

Fun Fun Fun ~ by Pharrell

Excuse Me ~ by Jazmine Sullivan

Cant Make You Love Me ~ by Tank.

All The Boys ~ by Keri Hilson

Hate That You Love Me~ by Diddy Dirty Money

Ass On The Floor- by Diddy Dirty Money

Fall For Your Type~ by Jamie Foxx ft Drake

Sure Thing~ by Miguel

A Song For You ~ by Donny Hathaway

Beyond Quotable...

You see with your eyes but I look through souls. You hear noise but I hear melodies call. You may comprehend but I put myself in the shoe & ride. You live on planet earth while I gaze at the stars from the moon & fly.~ Kisa Zoea


Dreams. They say you have one or more dreams every time you fall asleep. But most of the time you don't remember. Well, last night (actually this morning, because I'm completely nocturnal and don't get into bed til around 3 or 4 am) I had several dreams. First of all let me let it be known I am a VERY light sleeper. I hear and I am aware of mostly everything around me when I am sleeping. So usually when I dream I'm paying attention like I'm watching a movie. Now, these dreams I had last night (or this morning,lol) I know for fact were completely important. I am certain there was an in your face message within them. But soon as I got up this morning I completely forgot everything. UGH! Hate that...it's driving me crazy right now. I can't remember to save me life. But I know it was very important to know.

See this is why you should keep a "Dream Journal" and write the dream down as soon as you are aware it's over. Leave a book and pen beside your bed, under the pillow , whatever and write it down before getting up. For some reason for me as soon as my feet hit the floor my mind goes completely blank. Maybe i'll just get a digital recorder instead....to make it even easier. Then write it in the Dream Journal at a later time.

Decode. They say every dream has a message, some more than others. I also read that if you want an answer to something, ask it in your mind over and over again as you fall asleep. Focus on what you want to know and your dreams will "reveal" the answer. Maybe, i'll try that to recall my dream from last night...who knows maybe it'll work!

Start a Dream Journal. Pay attention to the messages within.

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea

Taxes.Books.Ryan Leslie.

Taxes: People please handle them. Especially if you're self-employed. Save all receipts and pay attention to things you could possibly deduct. File them on time, to dodge interest rates. Taxes. Taxes. Taxes. Ugh!

Books: So besides working on my novel and music I have also written children books. A series actually, that's based around my little sister. The series is titled: The Adventures of Kaylah Jonay. It's super cute. I'm now looking into getting the illustrations completed and then off to publishers. It's pretty cool because my little sister is the co-author of the books and myself as well. And she's only eight. So she's getting her foot in the business door early. And dreaming and thinking big as well. So can't wait to see how it all comes together! Super exciting!

Ryan Leslie: His album is FINALLY due out Feb. 10th (i believe)and I can't wait. He's incredible. He's like walking inspiration. I hope he doesn't get filed under the underrated great artist file. It's really a shame these GREAT artist don't get recognized enough...at least that's the way it seems to me. The business seems to focus on but so many artist at a time, hopefully he'll get his shine time and do very well in sales. Buy the CD, download it legally please. Show love and support!

Oh also I absolutely adore Beyonce she is my ULTIMATE FAV female artist. But people please do not go walking down the street with the fringe "glasses" she has on in the "DIVA" video. It's "stage" wear for crying out loud!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


Ok so I changed it a little...instead of about 50 Trey Songz records I took it down to 5...I couldn't go lower than that. It was hard enough trying to just pick 5. So here it is:

Kisa Zoea Writer's Playlist

  1. Just A Phase- Hana Pestle
  2. These Two Hands- Hana Pestle
  3. Co-Star- Day 26
  4. Never Think- Robert Pattinson
  5. I'll Be Your Lover Too- Robert Pattinson
  6. Love Safari- Trey Songz
  7. Comfortable- Trey Songz
  8. Lions Tiger and Bears- Jazmine Sullivan
  9. Smash Into You- Beyonce
  10. Maybe- N.E.R.D.
  11. Run To The Sun- N.E.R.D.
  12. Take The Box- Amy Whinehouse
  13. Just Friends- Amywhinehouse
  14. In Love- Jazzy
  15. Super Massive Black Hole- MUSE
  16. I Caught Myself- Paramore
  17. Decode- Paramore
  18. Strong Enough- Stacie Orrico
  19. Where I Wanna Be- Donell Jones
  20. Wild Horses- Natasha Bedingfield
  21. Never Say Goodbye- JoJo
  22. You Sent Me Flying- Amy Whinehouse
  23. Stupid Things- Robin Thicke
  24. Stay With Me- Pharrell Williams
  25. T.O.N.Y.- Solange
  26. Crazy- Ne-Yo
  27. Love Song- Trey Songz
  28. Deserveumore- Musiq
  29. Nothing Even Matters- Lauryn Hill
  30. Fly Together- Trey Songz
  31. You Girl- Trey Songz ft. Jay Z
  32. Rescue You- Ryan Leslie
  33. Fallin' Out- Keyshia Cole
  34. Beside You- Van Morrison
  35. Breathe(2AM)- Anna Nalick
  36. Hero/Heroine- Boys Like Girls
  37. One Mo'gin- D'Angelo
  38. Send It On- D' Angelo
  39. Dancing- Elisa
  40. Flightless Bird, American Mouth- Iron & Wine
  41. It's Over- Jesse McCartney
  42. Who Will Save Your Soul- Jewel
  43. Paranoid- Kanye West ft. Mr. Hudson
  44. Sleepless- Kate Havnevik
  45. Leave Out All The Rest- Linkin Park
  46. Greatestlove- Musiq
  47. In The Late Of Night- Toni Braxton
  48. Superhuman- Chris Brown ft. Keri Hilson
  49. Fallen Angel- Chris Brown
  50. I Wanna Be- Chris Brown

And there it is...my playlist for now anyway! I'm sure to change it in a week or so!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea

Is It Writer's Block...or Trey Songz ???

So I was suppose to write yesterday. I did not. Not sure if it's writer's block or just because I got swooped up into the whole world of internet surfing. It's never ending. Sometimes with the net you go on for one thing like to check email and then suddenly you've been persuaded to check something else. Your there for what seems like a few minutes but in reality has turned into hours. Or maybe my lack of writing was due to putting every song every made by Trey Songz on my writing time play list. Love his music but don't think it's working for listening to while I'm writing. I get way too distracted and have to sing every word, adlib and do every riff. And by the way please let me just state that I personally feel that Trey Songz is like the most underrated artist ever. He should be winning Grammies, going diamond, doing major world tours, endorsements, etc. It just baffles me.?.?. His voice and writing abilities are completely insane!!! I'm just saying...there are a lot of artist out today getting major props and have talent NO WHERE near his level. Pick up the Trey Day cd, rhapsody it, itune it whatever and tell me it's not MAJOR... You can't cause it IS! Go checkout one of his mixtapes and tell me it's not MAJOR...You can't cause it IS! His new album "Ready" is not out yet but I bet you when it does it's going to be MAJOR! I'm just saying you can't deny the mans talent. Incredible! But back to writing because I could go on all day about that...I picked up the book "Write. 10 Days to Overcome Writer's Block. Period." by Karen E. Peterson, Ph. D. today as well as "Book in a Month: the fool-proof system for writing a novel in 30 days" aka"BIAM" by Victoria Lynn Schmidt, Ph. D. So hopefully that will push me a little more! Very good books...so far especially the BIAM book. The layout is incredible!

So with that I am off to read some more...and maybe get some writing done too...or at least an outline, idea jotting, something. Oh and sneak maybe just one or three Trey Songz records back on to my writer play list!.........Okay maybe five ; )

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea

Write What You Know...

They say "write what you know" and that's just what I plan to do. Of course, I will twist the story just a little....or a lot in some cases. I'm talking about with the novel I am currently writing! It's called RUSH and loosely based on my crazy life. I'm shooting for the tween category cause to me it seems the most popular and adults read those books too. IE: the Twilight Saga. Which I must say are the most FAB books I have read in a while. Stephenie Meyers is amazing!
So far I am very pleased with the work I have done within my manuscript. I have to admit I keep going back to the beginning over and over again re-reading. Which is something most how-to write a novel books tell you don't do. They say just keep writing, make notes, go back and add when you do a second draft of the manuscript. But with all the other research I have been doing, all the writers I love and enjoy so much do just what I am doing. They go back as they are writing the story, they re-read and add subplots and so forth. So I am going to stop beating myself up about it. I guess everyone has their own way. So, some days I re-read and add while other days I continue to write and take notes for changes later. I believe it's working for me! So I shall stick with it. It's my first novel so mistakes should be made and the second one will be easier. I'll figure out what system works for me soon enough!

One problem though, I write best....actually I do all creative work best in the late of the night. IE: 3AM. I don't know what it is about 3 AM...very weird for me...it's my time of inspiration! Sometimes I really don't want to get up if I am already in bed but....the inspiration behind whatever comes to me in that moment ( a song, poem, chapter idea, etc) it's like I have to do it. Sometimes I don't and regret it the next day cause the idea is lost. But this novel I'm working on is sort of a mystery, thriller, spirited story. And let's just say sometimes at 3AM when an chapter idea hits and the moon is full shining bright through my window....sometimes it's a little to creepy for me. But I have to find away to work around it or get over the creepy factor.

So we shall see next time...weird thing is, a full moon hasn't presented itself all week long ( at least not shining straight through my windows) and I haven't written a single line since the last time it has. I'm telling you there's something about the 3AM Full Moon in my window...

Very weird indeed...But I am going to write today! I have to stick to my deadline...wish me luck!

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea

Who Is Kisa Zoea?

Welcome to Who Is Kisa Zoea (zoe-aye)? This blog is dedicated to my journey. My journey with my career in the performing arts and my life in general. I will be sharing vlogs, lyrics, poems, rants, thoughts, what i like and don't,etc. I've been in the world of arts for a long while now....I hate to say how many years cause still i have yet to accomplish my goals...Fact is: success is my biggest fear. Weird things is i am that type of person whom things come to easily. I learn fairly easily and adapt to things easily as well. When i don't i focus till I get it...I could easily have everything I want right now, I know I am capable but still that single fear of success lingers on...I end up with more abilities and contacts of all sorts and do nothing with it.

Well this year I promise myself that is all going to CHANGE...
Welcome to my journey...my world!

Forever and Always With Love,
Kisa Zoea