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...The beginning after the end...

Current FAV Song(s)....

Fun Fun Fun ~ by Pharrell

Excuse Me ~ by Jazmine Sullivan

Cant Make You Love Me ~ by Tank.

All The Boys ~ by Keri Hilson

Hate That You Love Me~ by Diddy Dirty Money

Ass On The Floor- by Diddy Dirty Money

Fall For Your Type~ by Jamie Foxx ft Drake

Sure Thing~ by Miguel

A Song For You ~ by Donny Hathaway

Beyond Quotable...

You see with your eyes but I look through souls. You hear noise but I hear melodies call. You may comprehend but I put myself in the shoe & ride. You live on planet earth while I gaze at the stars from the moon & fly.~ Kisa Zoea

Oh The Foolishness...Light Skin VS. Dark Skin Documentary Trailer

Honestly, I don't even know what to say...
So they still make people like this huh???

Forever and Always Love,
Kisa Zoea


  1. Anonymous said...

    I'll follow ur blog so how did u create a favicon for your blog?

  2. Kisa Zoea said...

    ok cool lol....for the favicon email me about it at kisazoea@comcast.net because i cant write html coding in the comment box it wont let me...so email me and i'll let you know!!!

  3. Katrina is a Princess said...

    WOW. Ridiculous

  4. ThinkGoHard said...

    ay your blog set up is dope. its shitting on mines. was gonna tell you to check it out but not now because its "under construction"

  5. Kisa Zoea said...

    @ Karina aint i tho smh

    @ THinkGoHard lol THANK U! i'll be sure to stay on the look out for yours!

  6. Kisa Zoea said...

    I find it sooooo hilarious how this documentary preview just disappeared so suddenly off the net...haha they got scared huh smh a mess

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